Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season for a Fresh Start

I hope all of you had a wonderful Turkey Day and vacay! Mine consisted of lots of eating, shopping Black Friday at midnight, and then spending the weekend with family and friends.

So tomorrow starts a new marking period for my 4th graders! With every new marking period, I always give my students a "Fresh Start!" I buy a few bags of peppermints, spearmints, or some sort of mints and then give each student a small snack bag full of them with a little note that says, "You have a fresh start!" It helps boost the morale at the beginning of the marking period and also wakes them up a bit after the Thanksgiving break.

With the fresh start in mind, over the holiday weekend, I was also able to update and create some more Common Core checklists! If you are just starting your 2nd marking period, consider using them as a way to give yourself a fresh start with assessment!

Be sure to check them out at my TpT Store! All Common Core checklists are $2.50 each.